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Welcome to Cig Cartel, Canada’s one-stop store for dipping tobacco online! We carry a large assortment of high-quality dipping tobacco in a variety of tastes. Whether you like mint, wintergreen, straight, and natural we offer something for everyone.

Whether you’re new to smokeless tobacco or a seasoned user, you’ve certainly had concerns regarding dip and snuff, such as whether dip and American snuff may be used interchangeably. Let’s get started.

These two products have one thing in common: they’re both smokeless tobacco, which means they don’t have to be burnt or breathed. The majority of smokeless tobacco users suck, dip or chew tobacco in their mouth until they’re ready to spit out the tobacco fluids that have built up—but spitless smokeless tobacco choices such as nicotine pouches and lozenges are available.

Knowing the key distinctions between the two might be difficult, but we can help make it simpler. Shop now at Cig Cartel to find your perfect dipping tobacco online!

What exactly are Dipping Tobacco?

Dipping tobacco is a moist coarsely ground or shredded smokeless tobacco product. It is popularly and idiomatically referred to as “dip.” Dipping tobacco is used by inserting a pinch (or “dip”) of tobacco between the lip and the gum. The way of using it is known as dipping. Dip is popularly known as “chaw,” “snuff,” “rub,” or “fresh leaf,” among other terms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is dipping tobacco better than smoking?

Chewing tobacco and other smokeless tobacco products are often promoted as safer than cigarettes because they aren’t linked to lung cancer.

What does dipping mean in smoking?

Dipping tobacco is used by placing a pinch, or “dip”, of tobacco between the lip and the gum. The act of using it is called dipping.

Is smokeless tobacco Legal in Canada?

Smokeless tobacco (ST) products in Canada are exempt from some federal legislation or regulations that apply to cigarettes (PSFC, 2011).

How To Buy Dipping Tobacco Online in Canada?

Cig Cartel’s goal is to provide a variety of affordable and excellent tobacco products and packages to those in our community. We make it easy for you to buy Dipping Tobacco, we accept major credit card payment like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We also accept E-transfer payments.

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If you want to buy Dipping Tobacco online, you can find them at Cig Cartel. They are available in cartons or packs. At Cig Cartel we pride ourselves on providing the most affordable tobacco and tobacco products in Canada. That’s why this is the best place to get Dipping Tobacco in Canada.